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The only portal for the citizens as consumers in India and globally to access information on Traditional Healthcare. This has been made available with support from International Alliance for Patients’ Organisations (IAPO), which has official relationship with World Health Organisation. The portal is managed by Consumer Online Foundation, an affiliate member of IAPO and a recognised Consumer Organisation in India by Government of India. All information made available in the portal is from The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, the State Governments and other recognised institutions and experts on the subject that is made accessible in the manner the citizens understand without compromising on the safety, quality and efficacy of the products and services related to such traditional practices and other healthcare related activities.

This portal shall empower consumers with credible and scientific information on the products and services to enable each one of them to be empowered to make an informed choice. Our portal also provides scientific papers on various practices of AYUSH published by various journals and institutions in a simple and easy-to-understand language. We also share information of providers who are accredited or certified by authorized accredited bodies and mandated institutions as part of the existing laws of India and other regulatory bodies.

This is a ONE STOP PORTAL in the interest of the consumers, supported by all like-minded bodies that are committed to making AYUSH a global Brand in the interest of citizens to stay healthy, seek medical treatment and access quality healthcare as part of Universal Health Coverage objectives under AYUSHMAN BHARAT, promoted and managed by the National Health Authority, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.



To promote

the traditional, complementary, alternative and integrative system of medicines amongst the global citizenry.

To re-establish

the lost faith in the traditional system of medicines.

To provide

additional options to every individual in the public healthcare system that best suits them and their family.

To empower

patients to make informed choices based on reliable and credible information.

To encourage

qualified and certified traditional healers to practice and promote traditional, complementary, alternative and integrative system of healthcare in the manner approved and recognized by regulators and Governments.

To educate

citizens and spread awareness regarding the various branches of traditional system of medicines as an effective and affordable healthcare solution.

To reach out

to the remotest of corners of the world via technology for the most important requirement in contemporary times, that is, healthy living.

To build trust

amongst patients, irrespective of their region and language, based on robust communication and redressal.



There is an urgent need to invest at least 5% of the GDP into healthcare in our country and substantial amount should be invested in preventive care by linking all the Primary Healthcare Centres with AYUSH, especially with focus on all the 1.5 lakhs Health & Wellness Centres identified in the country under PMJAY (Ayushman Bharat). National Accreditation Board for Healthcare & Service Providers (NABH) is a Board under Quality Council of India (QCI), which has developed NABH entry level AYUSH certification standards for hospitals and AYUSH Centres, drafted in collaboration with Ministry of AYUSH. The objective is twofold, One is to bring standardization and uniformity in AYUSH healthcare delivery and Secondly to provide as empanelment criteria for coverage under health insurance. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) wants to ensure quality assurance of Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) on certain benchmarks defined for patient safety so that the regulator has a sizeable number of hospitals, which can cater to the cashless facility extended to AYUSH sector. NABH has partnered with IRDAI to carry out certification of such Healthcare Organizations for establishing a nationwide ecosystem. It is strongly recommended that there should be mandatory entry level quality certification of AYUSH Health and Wellness Centres. These are Government managed centres providing only OPD and day care services. Quality systems are the need of the hour. Peer review and certification by third party instills lots of confidence to community and consumers.

Infrastructure must be greatly enhanced in AYUSH Pharmacopoeia India (API) by linking with existing Laboratories accredited/certified by NABL or establish new laboratories in different Government Institutions to ensure prompt service to the citizens and manufacturers. The status of PCIM (Pharmacopoeial Commission of Indian Medicine) is raised at par with IPC (India Pharmacopeia Commission). It was agreed that Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Ministry of AYUSH (MoA) should jointly take the responsibility to regularly examine, revise and update Specifications of plant materials, finished products and packaging materials, as per already available research-facts from different laboratories, across the World. We need to build robust infrastructure of AYUSH pharmacopoeia laboratory for setting quality standards, new monograph development and continuous revision and harmonisation of raw materials monographs used in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha products. Instead of setting separate laboratories, MoUs should be collaborated with various Universities, IITs and central laboratories, where Incubators and central instrumentation facilities are already available by Government Agencies like DST, DBT and others. Ayurvedic services need to be strengthened, on a priority basis, for clinical laboratory, imaging facilities and direct (pratyaksha) visualization/intervention by endoscopy. The Ministry of AYUSH should approve Clinical trial hospitals in central and regional levels, which would facilitate researchers & manufacturers to conduct clinical trials as per international norms.

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Advisory Board Members


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